Are We Wearing our Honesty Hats?

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You know how most people have the ability to “read a room?” There was a time my son had no such ability, especially when it mattered — like at church.

Church is one of those places where there are many unspoken rules. Enter the building and greet others politely. Sit down. Listen. Don’t talk, call out, or make vocal or bodily noises of any sort during the sermon.

One day, my son, bless his heart, was challenging me, and was for whatever reason, unable to follow the unspoken, but well-known rules.

“I’d smack his ass!” an elderly lady loudly whisper-yelled to her seat mate in the pew directly in front of us, and loud enough for those in nearby pews to hear.

Needless to say, I was taken a-back and swiftly exited the building with my little darling in tow.

Those who heard and saw what happened could assume several things.

1. My son was being a little jerk that needed to be escorted off the premises quickly, and perhaps should have been extracted sooner.

2. I was embarrassed by, or had my feelings hurt by a thoughtless comment from a stranger and was incensed and left.

3. My son was old enough to know better than to be behaving so poorly in church.

4.  The elderly lady was old enough to know better than to shame a young mother.

All of the above could very well have been true.  But, here’s the truth.

This sweet little elderly lady was actually visiting our church.  She was a dear friend’s mother who was suffering with a severe memory loss disease. I had never met her.  She obviously didn’t know me. She was simply a stranger wearing her honesty hat, and found herself, through no fault of her own, without a filter that day.

Later that night in a phone call, my friend apologized profusely for her mother’s rudeness. She was understandably mortified!

I told her I thought the incident was entirely amusing — even hilarious.  I insisted, “She only said what we were all thinking!” Truly, the kid was driving me (and clearly others) nuts. Her mother’s timing was spot on. I mean, preach sister!

This brief moment provided me a mini-vacation from my stress.  I always enjoy it when this particular memory floats through my mind’s parade. This one stressful moment turned into many laugh-out-loud moments. So bless her. Bless her for giving me many giggle fits over the years. Bless her for wearing her honesty hat and forgetting her filter that day. After all, we’re only human.

What funny memories help get you through the tough days?

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